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I'm a graduate student at Harvard University experienced in helping students with research papers, critical essays, and application essays.


Connie Chen received her Bachelor’s degree in English, with Honors, from Wellesley College. Her Honors Senior Thesis was awarded 1st prize for The Jacqueline Award for Literary Essay and The Pamela Daniels Fellowship merit award. Connie’s scholarly interests include nineteenth and early twentieth century American literature, literary theory and criticism, and disability studies, with a current focus on the works of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Flannery O’Connor. She has presented her literary criticism at a number of academic conferences such as the South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, the American Literature Association Conference, the International Hemingway Society Conference, and the International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference. She is currently working on Hemingway and religion with the support of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Research Grant, as well as disability in Flannery O’Connor’s work with the support of the Georgia College Ina Dillard Russell Library Research Grant.

Connie began tutoring writing while still in junior high. Since then, she has tutored students from high-school through graduate school and finds immense joy in discovering and cultivating the unique voice and style of each of her students, who have earned admissions to Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Chicago, and law schools.

Outside of academia, Connie also teaches pointed-pen calligraphy and is the youngest of the 14 people in the world who have earned the Master Penman title.


I have heard Connie Chen deliver two papers at Hemingway Conferences and both times I marveled at her delivery and her outstanding writing ability. In both instances, she was still an undergraduate but she outclassed her superiors both times. I have been attending Hemingway Conferences since the early 70s and served as a founding member of the Hemingway Society and later as President. I can safely say that Connie Chen is the revelation as a writer of that group, many of whom are superb writers. Her intelligence and clarity are only matched by her style. In short she is a very fine writer, a true crafter of style. Her elders literally marvel at her combination of industriousness and her talent and gift as a stylist. In short, Connie Chen is as good as it gets.
Connie Chen is a superb writer and teacher of writing. She is a very gifted and skillful interpreter of literature—she really knows and understands how to write an excellent analytical essay. Her work for me was not only insightful but also beautifully, creatively written. She is very bright, lively, articulate, and personable. Connie is a gifted explainer and teacher, a terrific tutor. Anyone who works with her will learn a lot!

B.A. with Honors
Wellesley College
Class of 2017

Master of Divinity
Harvard University


I can offer instructions in English and Mandarin Chinese.


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I am passionate about using my skills to help you find your voice on paper. Through Skype/Facetime lessons tailored to your needs, I can work with you at any stage in your writing process. Whether you need assistance with grammar, vocabulary, ideas, or organization, I will use my experience to help you revise and improve your writing.

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As a first generation college student and a QuestBridge scholar who lives with a chronic illness, I am deeply aware of the socioeconomic barriers that prevent the most exceptional students from seeking the help they need. I would not be where I am today without my mentors who wholeheartedly invested in me. It is my time to give back.

I am committed to ensuring that my mentoring is affordable to marginalized voices by providing full and partial scholarships. 10% of all session purchases will benefit the scholarship fund.

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100% of your donation will be put towards helping underrepresented scholars take advantage of my mentoring to shape their narratives and amplify their voices. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to empower others like me.


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I offer scholarships to students who demonstrate both merit and need. Applications are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of recipients will depend on the amount available in the scholarship fund. Funding may cover full or partial costs.



I am glad to say that I’ve known Connie as a good writer for many years. More importantly, she is a strategist for essays. Connie edited my main essay for my MBA application. She looked at the big picture and gave me detailed reasoning for all her suggestions and editing. She wouldn’t only focus on proofreading, grammar, and word usage, but also building structures and stories. She treats writing like any other wonderful work she crafts. I highly recommend her as a writer and editor!
— Andy Z.
I am currently a law student. Connie has read and edited virtually every single application I’ve submitted in my life thus far. Apart from being naturally scrupulous in correcting my grammatical errors, her insights on how I can improve my style and form are invaluable. Yet, beyond merely scraping the page for detailed edits, she cares about English as much as she lives it out.
— Jesse C.
Connie has helped me with resume and cover letter editing over the years. During our sessions, she helped me focus on ways to emphasize my strengths and accentuate my abilities for targeted applications. With her guidance, my personality and skill sets were reflected in my cover letter to match what potential employers looked for. I was able to get more interviews and ultimately landed a great job because my application stood out among applicants. Connie brings passion, commitment and professionalism to the job and I would highly recommend her service to anyone!
— Beryl Z.


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